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Large Cleavage Cyst under pressure. Wait for it.Hidden running sub-cuticular stitch closure with f/u

This patient came in with a tender nodule between her breast. This cyst was like an iceberg, you could see a little at the surface but it went very deep. You can see in the video it was under a lot of pressure. The second my blade hit the sac it burst outwards hitting the camera and my camera person. As I removed the sac you could see the true size and depth of the mass in her chest. With it being a visualized area I always try to minimize scar size and bury sutures if possible. Thanks again to my patient for sharing her procedure! Cyst under pressure. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Excision and closure. Running sub-cuticular stitch. MrPopZit. Thanks for poppin by!

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