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Large Earlobe Abscess with surprising amounts of discharge and sac expressed.
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This was c*** that had ruptured in the earlobe causing an inflammatory response which resulted in purulent discharge and break down of the lining of the wall. Thanks to my patient for sharing his story. These are hard to get entirely numb when there is a balloon like pocket because it just fills the pocket and puts even more pressure on the pain receptors causing severe discomfort. However , once I expressed the contents, the surrounding skin would accept the lidocaine much better and we were able to get in their and get the sac out. Earlobe abscess. Incision and drainage. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Pus pocket. MrPopZit.

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#shorts #pimplepopper #blackheads #cystremoval #drkhaledsadek Dr Khaled Sadek

#pimplepopper #blackheads #cystremoval #drkhaledsadek Dr Khaled Sadek