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Little popper show stopper cyst. Inflamed cyst in between the eyes that packs quite a pop. I+D

This patient came in after trying to squeeze a small cyst between her eyebrows. Instead of popping it just swelled up and became very tender. Turned into small abscess, with pain, warmth, and swelling. We performed an Incision and drainage, relieved the pressure, which took away her discomfort instantly. No need to cut a big incision causing a big scar, sometimes on these small cysts, simply making a small opening, squeezing out the contents, then cauterizing the capsule inside can permanently eradicate the cyst. If not it will reform, and we will remove it when there is no inflammation in the area. Juicy cyst pop. Cyst pops on eye. Big squeeze cyst pop. Incision and drainage. Abscess drainage. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. MrPopZit.

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“Trapped” Trapezius Lipoma excision. Large deep lipoma directly over the muscle on back. MrPopZit

The pore that grew a sac. Yellow pasty cyst pop. Cyst excision on neck. MrPopZit.