Man Needs "A-cyst-ance" Getting Rid Of Painful Cysts | Dr. Pimple Popper

Ken has been living with multiple cysts all over his body, especially his back, and he’s finally seeing Dr Lee to get them removed.

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. All the videos with Dr. Lee are special, but this holds a very dear place in my heart now. He was scared, because other doctors never waited for anesthesia to work and hurt him. It was so nice to see him treated with kindness, see him relax and feel good about himself. I just wanted to hug him and tell him that everything's gonna be alright and that he's doing great. He and his wife are such a wonderful couple, too!

  2. Dr. Lee is such a riot! !- he needs assistance!! She's the absolute best in every way! I hope she'll have succ- cyst! See? It's rubbing off on me! Even the patient too! With: get outta town- well, I am outta town!- they are all getting into it, and laughing too! That is how the doc has a gift with everyone and easing their minds through humor, kindness and seriousness- A true pro

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