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Mashed Extraction. See whole video on my channel.

This video shows a large pocket being drained that has clumps of long hairs deep in the pocket with long sinus tracts that we probe with Q-tips to remove hairs. His video from two weeks ago will be tagged at the end of this video. This is my Dissecting Cellulitus of the scalp patient that came in 2 weeks ago. We drained this pocket and it refilled again even bigger which is common with this autoimmune inflammatory condition until you get on a strong medication with the ability to reduce the inflammation. He did admit to me he didn’t take the medications as directed. He lives a 3 hour drive away from my office which can be tricky. He also has severe Hidradenitis Suppurativa which can be debilitating. We are in the process to get him on medications that should bring him relief and lower his inflammation. As with many Dermatology conditions this is not something we cure, it’s something we control. It can can wax and wane over time and there can be many triggers that make it worse. The important thing is finding a medical provider well versed in treatment options and keeping the lines of communication open to deal with flares and adjust protocols as needed. I appreciate my patient sharing his story and shining a light on this frustrating difficult condition. Large scalp abscess drained. Ingrown hairs removed. Pus pockets expressed. Sinus tracts explored. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Incision and drainage. MrPopZit.

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