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Mattress stitch post surgery scars. Non visible cut lines. Healed very well. Surgery of #6 following

My next video will be his 6th removal that I have done. He has had several removed from other Doctors offices. There are multiple comments that people think my scalp closures look bulky or wrong. Follow up videos are important in showing how the skin settles, stretches, and relaxes back into place post surgery. These videos showcase the importance of a little extra time taken with some closures (and appropriate suture technique choices) goes a long way in the long run. MrPopZit

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3 WEEK F/U HIDRADENITIS ABSCESS. 90% improved. Zero pain. Patient very happy! MrPopZit

“Yellow worm” Pilar cyst #6 cyst pop and removal. Excision and removal of firm Pilar cyst of scalp