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MELANOMA Follow Up! MrPopZit gets emotional. This is the follow up you have been waiting for.

First of all thanks to my patient Alan for sharing his story. He didn’t have to do that. He is a great guy that has a lot of love in his life and a lot to live for. Hopefully his story will help educate people that may be diagnosed with this scary cancer and make it a little easier for them and educate them on the process and what to expect. His outcome so far has truly been one in a million. And he wants to thank everyone for their kinds words of support, it truly helps to hear people’s experiences when your going through something like this. It can be emotional for Patient and Provider. So far so good and we will keep thinking positive. His original surgery visit is linked below. It’s very rare to find a melanoma the way we found his. Malignant Melanoma. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Hidden Melanoma. Thanks for poppin by. MrPopZit.

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Written by Pimpletube

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Blackheads with a side of cyst.Blackhead extractions and cyst excision with closure.Cyst dissection

Yellow string Pilar Cyst. Firm cyst on scalp causing hair loss. Yellow pasty contents. MrPopZit