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Not ripened neck abscess. Painful firm nodule with deep pocket on neck. I+D with packing. MrPopZit

This patients wife is a fan! First I want to thank them for sharing his procedure. This abscess was just starting hence the term “not ripened”. It’s common when you feel an abscess that is hard as a rock called “induration”, that’s the bodies response to that cyst rupturing or trauma, that the inflammation is relatively new. The body sends inflammatory cells to the area that initiate inflammation that causes swelling and redness. In the first few days it’s really firm, then it starts to soften as the body starts to break down contents and more fluid forms in the pocket called “purulence” or pus. We caught this one early and we’re able to release the pressure and some cyst contents so the patient will sleep much better. With antibiotics the inflammation should regress and we will revisit the area if the cyst reforms. Incision and drainage. Inflamed Cyst pop. Abscess. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Dermatology procedure. Iodoform gauze packing. MrPopZit.

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