Overnight Pimple Zapper | Try & Tell Ep. 3

What’s new? Not these pimples on my face. I’ve heard so much about these pimple zappers and had to try it out for myself on …

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. The only thing these are good for is protecting pimples from you pillows. So… At least they won't be worse in the morning?
    Not working 9 bucks 😢
    I'm using Klairs Freshly juiced vitamin e mask tho and that seems to help those under then skin pimples. Maybe cuz the niacinamide?

  2. So I just found your video from checking to see if I was using my first packet of black dots correctly. I had the exact same feeling/experience as you. I finally gave up and figure if it stays cool.

    I normally use the Welly Zit dots, but wanted to check out what else is out there. Jsyk if you haven’t, Target sells Welly Zit dots that you don’t have to do special crap to get to work. You just plop them on and they stick! I usually pull my dots off the packaging with a pair of old dull tweezers to prevent tearing. Also try popping the zit and then putting a dot on. The Welly dots pull all the redness out of my zits after a night’s sleep. Obviously I’ll prob just end up sticking with them.

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