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Packing Giant Bottomless Abscess (part 2) with 24 hour follow up and removal of packing.

Original video linked below. This video is part 2 of the giant bottomless abscess. This was the end of the procedure where I packed the large empty pocket, left behind from the I+D, with Iodoform gauze. Covered it with a pressure bandage and then did a 24 hour follow up to remove the packing. Patient is doing great, you can see the reduction in redness already in just 24 hours. She will have more follow ups coming soon. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Incision and drainage. Giant cyst pop. Iodoform gauze packing. MrPopZit.

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Giant bottomless abscess. Huge cyst pop that just keeps going. Part 1. Packing and f/u coming next.

Abscess Vs Cyst.Answering multiple questions about my last video. Also whats coming soon!