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Pastor Has a Hanging Growth in an Embarrassing Location | Dr. Pimple Popper (Extended)

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. I dare my kid to say something like that my step daughter is 5 and likes to copy my seizures not realizing it's bad just wants to be like me but I have to take her aside when she does it and explain that it's not nice to do that that girl saying those words should be grounded!

  2. Sweet guy but his mean! they sure don't learn much from him about "love one another"! She's a brat that needs a good lesson taught about not judging others especially your OWN father! She does not deserve such a great dad! Maybe one day she will marry a man that will make her appreciate her loving father when the husband shows her how mean some men are! She will say I sure wish I had loved my dad years ago and not been soo darn cruel! May God curse her with a growth just like her dad's but in a more visible location like hanging from her fat face! haha Truth hurts ya know!

  3. It's nice but these people get free surgery paid by the TV program cause to go with doctors that have a little fame that surgery the guy had would of probably cost him like 10k just to get that removed and just to go for a check up for the surgery he had would cost him like 1k to 2k just for the checkup


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