Patient Begs Dr. Lee For Numbing Cream Before Her Treatment I Dr. Pimple Popper

Monica has a large birthmark on her face that keeps getting bigger every time she tried to remove it. She’s been to see Dr. Lee …

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. If the Monica is seeing this know you did nothing wrong ever. Not even when you asked for more spots to be done. Of you course you wanted her to try more spots. You had a big part taken off with no pain and that's awesome. I'm so happy for you and hope to see your future appointments and updates. Your amazing!!!! ♥️

  2. It's my opinion but Monica will never be satisfied with her face until it's all gone and that may not be a reality. I felt Dr Lee and her team did a great job and went above and beyond. Monica looking in the mirror what about this implies she's not understanding the entire process and the limitations of the skin.

  3. Dr. Lee would it be possible for your office to host a training how to hide flaws with makeup? I think this patient would bust her confidence and the way she feels about her appearance. I was bullied all through school about my freckles. Not until I learned how to cover them up I began to think I was not so bad.

  4. I know some people are critical about her asking about other areas,but she's excited bc a big area was cleared and she didn't hurt, so she was of course wondering if any more could be taken off. I'm glad Dr Lee found something that worked so well for her

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