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Patient Profile: Full wide excision of atypical spitzoid tumor. Patients story from start to finish.

Atypical spitzoid tumor – wide excision starts at 5 minutes 10 seconds in. Patient Ashley full story of dangerous mole that was changing during her pregnancy and her provider through her insurance didn’t want to take it off, so she came to me out of network for a second opinion. Two lessons from this experience
1. As a patient follow your instincts, if something is changing or growing quickly even if it does not look that bad, get it checked. Find a medical provider that will listen to you.
2. As a provider this is a reminder to get detailed histories and ask the right questions. None of us intentionally miss something, but all of us are human and it can happen. Make it a habit to ask the right questions and you will minimize your risk of missing something dangerous.
If this video gets even one person to go in for a skin check they have been putting off then I consider it a huge success. 😉
Dermatological surgery. Wide excision. Spitzoid Melanoma. Surgical procedure. Clear margins.

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