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Pilar cyst #10 on my chronic Pilar cyst patient. One of a few Green cysts filled with fluid he’s had

Pilar cyst #10. This is my chronic Pilar cyst patient, who has approximately 23 cysts on his body. I have already recorded his next 3 cysts removals. This cyst was one of a few he has had that are green and filled with a green fluid and minimal keratin. Interesting cyst with scar tissue around it likely because another provider tried to I+D it at some point in the past. It’s completely removed now. Good size (2mm) thick vessel was right below cyst. I did not cut it because of my technique of cutting a sliver of skin and using it to lift the cyst up in order to cut underneath the cyst instead of just cutting blind through a small incision. That could have been a very bloody removal, luckily it was not! Keep watching for “pocket of pebbles” calcified cyst coming soon along with this patients ear cyst, and many extractions! Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss out. Pilar cyst. Cyst removal. Scalp Cyst excision. Green cyst fluid. Dermatology excision. Horizontal mattress stitch. MrPopZit.

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The Abscess that dressed up as a cyst for Halloween. Large deep abscess pocket on chest popped.

Pilar cyst #11. Only a few left on his scalp. Cyst pops out of its pocket with minimal pressure.