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Pilar cyst #11. Only a few left on his scalp. Cyst pops out of its pocket with minimal pressure.

Pilar cyst #11 on scalp. Big squeeze and cyst pop, then cyst comes out with light tug and no cutting. Cyst dissection on surgical tray. 7 minute surgery quick and easy. Patient very happy with results, almost cleared all cysts on scalp. Patient trimming his hair short for first time in 20 years. More of his removals coming soon! Pilar cyst. Scalp cyst pop. Horizontal mattress stitch. Dermatology procedure. Cyst excision and closure. Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell to see much more coming soon! MrPopZit.

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Pilar cyst #10 on my chronic Pilar cyst patient. One of a few Green cysts filled with fluid he’s had

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