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Pilar cyst #13. Ear cyst. Cyst pops right out like his always do.

My baby girl woke me up, so here I am posting at 2am, enjoy! Here is cyst #13 from my chronic cyst patient. The cyst by his ear was increasing in size and would bother him with glasses and masks. Nice thick cyst wall that pops right out with minimal pressure. Site should heal great and the puckered up skin will pull flat with time. You could see how raised up the cyst was. I cut an ellipse of skin out with larger cysts to improve the way the skin falls back into place for healing purposes. At the end of the video you can see several past removal scars looking spectacular. Cyst pop. Cyst excision. Dermatology procedure. Pilar cyst. Ear cyst. MrPopZit.

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Pilar cyst #12. Quail egg cyst. Almost cleared the scalp with my chronic cyst patient. #13 coming.

Post neck, post Thanksgiving cyst pop. Firm cyst wall with some fibrotic scar tissue removed.