8 solutions to make pimples on the buttocks disappear fast!

They may be hidden, but pimples on the buttocks are one of those that hurt, both to the body and to your confidence!

They may be hidden, but pimples on the buttocks are one of those that hurt, both to the body and to your confidence! If you’re facing this problem, rest assured: you’re not the only one, and there are solutions that can help prevent these rashes from growing or treat them when they do. This taboo subject will soon have no more secrets for you, thanks to these 8 natural tips!

Pimples On The Buttocks

Understand from where come from these pimples

Many explanations exist to determine the cause of the appearance of these painful blackheads. But first, are they really pimples?

It turns out that, more than a question of acne, these small pimples are in fact from a inflammation of the hair follicles. Mostly caused by the repeated rubbing of clothes on the skin when they are too tight and do not let the skin breathe enough.

It can also be due to the bacterial proliferation due to a excessive sweating.

The bad bacteria that nestle in wet towels or in our bathing suits in the summer can also be responsible for the appearance of those little pimples on the buttocks.

Finally, sweat and clogged pores can also explain this problem. When the sebaceous glands present on the whole body are clogged, it can result in a flare-up of pimples on the buttocks and back.

1. Have an irreproachable hygiene

To prevent these unsightly pimples from taking up residence on your buttocks (and sometimes up your back), you must first have a perfect hygiene. Wash morning and evening using a neutral soap that respects the pH of your skin and is not aggressive to it.

You can use the following hygienic products:

  • A dermatological bread ;
  • A soap-free gel ;
  • A liquid soap suitable for acne;
  • From cleaning products mild hypoallergenic with neutral pH;
  • From Aleppo soap.

This last soap is interesting for its moisturizing, disinfecting and healing capacities.

Rinse so as to remove all traces of soap residue between the folds of the skin, and dry yourself well.

If you have to relieve yourself in a public restroom, try not to sit on the toilet and keep your balance.

2. Well choose your products

Say goodbye to harsh cleansers that don’t respect your skin’s natural needs. Replace them with neutral soaps and shower gels. As for toilet paper, if you use a brand that colors and scents its rolls, change it. Prefer paper without perfume and without dyes.

3. Porter the right clothes

One of the triggers that often comes up in the appearance of pimples on the buttocks is the rubbing caused by clothing Too tight or synthetic clothing. If you are regularly afflicted by these rashes, choose cotton underwear, which will be more respectful of your skin by letting it breathe better. Also, give up jeans and leggings that are too tight and choose clothes made of natural fibers, Whether for the day but also for your pajamas.

This tip is difficult to apply to sportswear, however. In this case, wash up after each session, and change completely.

4. Stay hydrated and activate blood circulation

You wouldn’t think it at first, but moisturizing has an important role to play in treating pimpled bums. If you’re into natural solutions, here are some ideas you can try:

Prefer it as pure as possible. Aloe vera, in addition to being a very good moisturizer, also has a protective effect and will help heal pimples.

Aloe Vera Gel

Mix clay with water using only wooden or plastic (not metal) tools, to make a paste that you can then apply to the buttocks. The properties of this paste will help to purify your pimples.

To make a poultice:

  • Make an infusion of chamomile;
  • For 1 liter of water, count 30 g of dried flowers ;
  • Soak a clean towel with it, and place it on your buttocks ;
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes before removing it.

The soothing properties of chamomile will relieve the inflammation caused by pimples.

5. To make yourself gentle scrubs

As we said above, pimples can sometimes be caused by sebaceous glands clogged with impurities. To prevent this from happening, use a gentle scrub once a week. For this, choose products that are free of chemical compounds, or better yet, make your own!

Simply mix sugar or coffee grounds with honey. A gentle rubbing will be enough to make your scrub effective!

6. Be careful to his diet

Diet also greatly influences the way our body reacts to aggressions. If you eat too many sweets, bad fats, and fast food, your skin will be more prone to inflammation. Try to choose a balanced dietand to drink enough water.

7. Wash your clothes with a hypoallergenic detergent

Say goodbye to harsh detergents loaded with chemicals that are harmful to your skin. Replace it with a hypoallergenic washing productIf possible, containing baking soda and based on vegetable soap.

Also, skip fabric softeners, which can cause skin reactions and allergies. If you insist on using fabric softener, swap the commercial ones for white vinegar, ½ cup for one wash. This is a natural recipe that has been widely proven to work.

8. Go to treat locally

If after all these tips your pimples persist, make an appointment with your doctor or a dermatologist, who will be able to prescribe a suitable treatment. These often include benzoyl peroxide, alpha-hydroxyl acid or salicylic acid, which are used in anti-acne creams.

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