Plastic Surgeon Reacts to Pimple Hack #shorts #acne

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  1. Green tea !! Promise it works . And for rx try dapsone , only thing that ever worked ! I do not wear makeup anymore … except special occasions . My acne kept me from doing a lot in my life due to low self esteem . It was the only thing I had wrong with me really , not to sound conceded of course. It was two hundred bucks a month without ins , with my ins it’s only eight to fourteen . But it’s the best and only on it for a year but three months I was clear

  2. I've tried ice by itself on a few occasions, just for a couple minutes (wrapped in a cloth ofc) and it did seem to reduce the pimple alot more than usual, especially by the next day. I only tend to use the trick if it's really swollen and painful, otherwise I avoid it. But at the same time, it may just be luck, idk if it actually works that well In general 🤷

  3. Sorry I'm kind of confused, when you say salicylic acid spot treatment with bandaid do you mean putting salicylic acid treatment on the pimple and a regular bandaid meant for wounds over it or a special bandaid that includes salicylic acid? I personally understood it the first way but it sounds kind of weird to me especially since I have pimples all around my face…

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