Popping Hair Cysts From a Patient's Abdomen! | Dr. Pimple Popper: This is Zit

Dr. Lee’s hands get tired after extracting a ton of Steatocystomas and Eruptive Vellus Hair Cysts from a patient’s abdomen. Stream …

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  1. This may be the best derm video ever. It's clear that Dr. Lee is extremely talented at dermatological issues. But this video really exemplifies the way she comforts the patient during the procedure, even making the patient laugh right after talking about how difficult it is having the bumps. Amazing.

  2. Dr. Lee to correct the overtraining your hands are getting exercise your fingers in the opposing motion to a pinch with three rubber bands each with increasing tension. Start with the smallest and easiest 10 reps all five digits move to the other hand, next size up rubber band repeat and for the largest only do up to 10 reps and less if you muscles are fatigued. I work with my hands and find constant contraction has the same effect as overtraining larger muscles.

  3. So many people don’t take any care of their skin until a skin cancer shows up. They either don’t know or don’t realize that the skin is the largest organ of the body and that the way it performs the multitude of jobs it does is directly related to the condition it’s in. It’s not just a sack to carry the rest of the parts!

  4. Ughh those have to to be painful😖. I’ve had three on my lower abdomen for 14 years, & they made it difficult to move because they hurt so badly! I’ve popped them a few times but of course, cycts come back if you don’t remove the sacs. I’ll get rid of them eventually😓

  5. My hairs on my belly are growing to be like that now too as I have noticed few yrs ago. It wasn't like that before. And yes I get those from time to time and they get infected, and are very painful. I tried to manage a few on my own. Two hot infected and I had to dig on it bad, but because it got so painful and I am prone to keloid that I had to have in injected with steroid. Those two are now gone but, I still have that issues with my hair on my belly. They looked like ingrown hair almost. I have to literally scrub my body , which I do everyday, but I have to do it really harder especially on my belly just to get rid of those hairs on my belly since they are superficial.

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