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Post Antibiotic Inflamed cyst sinus tract removal. Excision of remaining cyst contents post pop.

This was a large cyst popped and drained by patients family member at home (apparently another popaholic out there!). When I first saw him it was still red and leaking purulent discharge, so I put him on an antibiotic for two weeks and it greatly improved. However, one month later there was still a small hole
leaking on his shirts that would not heal, so I decided to cut out the opening and remove any sinus tract coming to the surface, and remaining cyst contents, so his shirts would stay clean and dry. 2 WEEK FOLLOW UP at end of video. Patient very happy with outcome. MrPopZit.

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Ripe Banana Pilar Cyst. Same scalp as the yellow eel cyst. Full excision and closure. MrPopZit

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