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Post ear pus pocket drained. Incision and drainage to relieve pressure and purulent discharge.

First thanks to my patient for sharing his procedure. This is an interesting case because from the outside it looks like a c***, but once we made a small incision you could see there was not any c*** particles or sac in the pocket. This diagnosis is called POST AURICULAR SINUS TRACT. They are usually on both sides and form as the fetus develops in the womb. Sometimes people have one on the front of the ear as well in front of the Tragus. He actually had another small one on the other side that was inflamed and we did drain after this one , but it was only 4mm so we did not record because it was tiny. Normally, putting a patient on a short course of antibiotics and draining the pocket settles it down. Some people this happens a few times in their life, others it can be a common occurrence. Stress, excessive sweating, hormone fluctuations, high sugar/carbohydrate diet can all be triggers for inflammation to start. For those patients it’s recommended to have the small pocket or sinus tract excised out. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Incision and drainage. Medical teaching channel. Purulent discharge. MrPopZit.

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