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Pressurized Jawline Abscess Cyst. Squirting cyst pop with surprising large sac dissection on neck.

This patient had a cyst he tried to squeeze that swelled severely and became very tender. The bodies reaction to trauma is fluid build up and inflammation to the area. You can see all the fluid build up that squirts out the second I pierce the skin. I did see a long hair that was down in the cyst contents. The amount of cyst contents along with the size of the cyst wall were surprising. Patient was very happy to have this bump removed. I do not put sutures in to close an abscess/inflamed cyst because it needs to drain. If you do close it you will get a fluid filled bump or hematoma that needs to be drained a week later. It will heal great with a very small scar. Cyst pop. Incision and drainage. Ingrown hair. Face cyst. Cyst sac removal. Cyst contents. Pressure relieved. He will sleep better tonight! Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. MrPopZit.

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