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Pretibial Pilomatricoma.Stone like tender growth on the lower leg of young patient.Dissected on tray

Happy 2022! Thanks to my patient for sharing her procedure so other young patients won’t be scared next time. Pilomatricoma aka calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe are small benign tumors of hair cortex cell origin. They commonly develop calcifications which make them firm like a stone under the skin and can cause significant discomfort with even mild pressure or trauma. This was one removed and dissected on the tray so you can see the contents. Commonly you will see multiple colors (even black) that can form from the hair cortex cells. This was definitely an interesting one. I excised another one just before this one that was very different and equally as interesting, that video coming soon! Fun things coming in 2022, I’ll keep you posted! Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Excision and closure. Surgery. Running stitch. Pretibial is the shin (lower leg). MrPopZit

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