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Rare Blackberry Jam Hematoma Pop. I+D of large blood clot over hip bone. MrPopZit

This patient came to me after a surfing accident where she was slammed into the rocks by waves several times and had blunt force trauma to the Iliac crest of the hip bone. The internal bleeding raised a significant lump on her hip that we popped and drained for her. You can see the dark “jelly like” clots and the fluid blood still in the pocket. Patient was so happy to have that blood and clots removed. Thanks to her for sharing her procedure and thanks to her hair dressers that are MrPopZit fans and recommended she come to see me! 👍👏😊❤️
Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Incision and drainage. Blood clot. Clot Pop. MrPopZit.

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