Rice water, an anti-waste beauty asset

Don’t throw away the rice cooking water anymore! It’s an anti-waste gesture that Asians have been using for decades for their skin and hair. Let’s discover how to use it.

L’rice water is traditionally used by Asian women for their beauty care. With the vogue of the Do it Yourself and natural beauty tips, it’s making a strong comeback in the bathroom. It is also a product that is totally free, zero waste. Here’s how to use it.

The beauty benefits of not throwing away water from rice

The rice water can be either the one used for the rice rinsing before cooking, either thecooking water rice. Of course, do not put salt or oil in the water and let it cool down before using it. It is best to use organic rice to get the most out of all the goodness, without pesticide residues.

It can be used in several ways: either drunk, or in beauty lotion for skin and hair.

Drinking rice cooking water, a health and beauty gesture

Rice cooking water has many health benefits. It is especially known as treatment for mild gastroenteritis because it contains a lot of starch and rehydrates. In fact, it offers at all times, a precious help to the digestion. To sweeten it, you can add a little honey and cinnamon. It can be kept for six days in the refrigerator.

rice water

In addition to its recognized virtues on the transit, the water of rice cooking is an ally for the skin and the hair © Roen

Rice water also contains a high content of inositol, which delays the aging of cells. Drinking rice water is therefore also an excellent way to preserve our skin from aging, naturally.

Rice water as a hair rinse

The starch in rice is good for hair. It strengthens it and closes the scales: it is therefore the ideal ally for those who have dull and brittle hair. It also helps to smooth the unruly hair.
Rice water feels like a silicone conditioner, it is however much better for both health, environment and wallet.

Use rice cooking water in rinsing liquid For your hair, leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it out with clean water. Remember to save the water every time you make rice and rinse your hair regularly with it.

More supple and less irritated skin

Rice powder has been used for centuries by women. Rice water naturally concentrates certain vitamins and minerals with beneficial effects for the skin, such as tightening the pores and make it softer.

rice water

Rice water, a skin care © kazmulka

In addition to preventing aging thanks to inositol, rice water contains antioxidants. These are good for the cell renewal and for relieve irritated skin. The rice water is applied in lotion on the facewith a cotton pad, to rinse.

You can also pour the rice water into a bath so that it benefits the whole body and hair. So no more hesitation: throw the rice water into the bath water!

rice water, favorite

rice waterOrganic rice bran oil

Rice bran oil is recommended to fight against wrinkles, dry skin and to take care of the eye contour (diluted). It is also good for cardiovascular and brain health!

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