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Scar revision surgery part 1. Removal of fibrous scar tissue from chronic Pilar cyst patient.

This is my patient we removed 18 Pilar cysts from his body. He’s a great guy and for those of you seeing him for the first time, he had several cysts removed at another Dermatology company (not us) and he had some residual skin left over from those procedures that sometimes gets inflamed from rubbing on hats. He doesn’t like the way these bumps look on his head, so we removed a couple of the bigger ones. He’s very happy with his results, and is appreciative of all the support from so many of you over the last year as we have removed all of his remaining cysts. This is part 1 of 2. Pilar cysts. Scar tissue. Dermatology procedure. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Scar revision surgery. Cutis Verticis Gyrata. MrPopZit.

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Scalp Scar Revision part 2. Horizontal mattress stitch closure. Closing the pocket. MrPopZit