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Serious Neck Cellulitus. Large fluid pocket drained. Area has ripened and is ready for drainage.

This presentation can be a medical emergency. Localized abscesses with squeezing or trauma can become large areas of Cellulitus that is a deep infection that can spread very quickly and can advance to sepsis. Following the patient very closely every few days and monitoring progress is crucial. Antibiotics and incision and drainage are the treatment for this deep infection. If not improving then IV antibiotics, hospital admittance, and debridement of wound is sometimes needed. Thanks to my patient for sharing his procedure. He found us on YouTube and I’m glad I could help him. He is healing great so far. See his 5 day follow up post procedure tomorrow at 10am PST @MrPopZit Live
You can also see his first initial
consult video consult at this link here exclusively at MrPopZit Live.
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