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Steatocystoma multiplex extractions. Creamy butter cyst pops. Ingrown hairs. Many more coming soon.

This patient came in for a cyst on the back (video coming soon). He also has steatocystoma multiplex. Which is a hereditary condition where you form multiple small cysts under the skin derived from sebaceous glands. You can see some large scars on the back from removals he has had at other offices in the past. It’s common to see small Vellus hairs attached to the sack when removed. He has over 40 steatocystomas on the front of his torso that we are removing soon. I just removed these ones because they were close to the cyst we removed. Stay tuned for much more. Cyst pops. Steatocystoma extractions. Creamy butter cysts. Ingrown hairs. Vellus hair cysts. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Dermatology procedure. MrPopZit.

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