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Stone Temple Cyst tug of war. Large calcified cyst on temple excision. Hard as a rock. MrPopZit

This was a textbook pilomatricoma (calcified cyst). They are commonly embedded deep in the connective tissue with many adhesions or fibrous connections holding them in place. They are always a battle, tug of war to remove. You can see how my “skin handle” technique is very effective in lifting and tugging the cyst as I cut fibrous connections. You can not shrink them down by draining them. You can see when I put it on the tray just how hard it is. These cysts are fairly common in children and young adults. Patient was very happy to have her cyst out, and I wanted to thank her for sharing her procedure. Calcified cyst. Pilomatricoma. Stone cyst. Cyst on face. Cyst tug of war. Face cyst excision. Dermatology procedure. Cyst surgery. MrPopZit.

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