Stupid Pimple #UpYourGame

This was such a fun project to be a part of, thanks again to Clearasil for giving us this great opportunity to be part of their team.

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Written by Pimpletube

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  1. The fastest way to make a pimple burst is to wash/disinfect the affected area and apply an oil based cream on it to help the skin expel the excess oil/fatty acids inside witch are causing the pimple. This will soften the skin and make the pimple come out pain and blood free. Drying out the pimple with a absorbent face mask or some harsh chemical often leave your skin burning, scared and causes wrinkles and shod only exfoliate the skin when you don't have blemishes. Never get the plasma from the pimples on your skin after you pop a pimple because that makes more pimples come out. To prevent future pimples just balance your ph levels on your skin by washing and/or using a water or non oil based cream/soap. Also always eat, sleep and exercise right for all health benefits because pimples are almost always a caused by a hormonal imbalance due to excess fat in the liver, intestines and lymphatic system. Love you jk films!

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