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The Abscess that dressed up as a cyst for Halloween. Large deep abscess pocket on chest popped.

This cyst pop/abscess drainage was a perfect example of the acid/base shift we talk about in inflamed wounds. It was also a great view into the bottom of an abscess so you can see the gelatinous consistency of the wound pocket. Not only is it impossible to scrape that peanut butter/jelly like contents from the bottom, you can also see her still feeling pain with over 12cc of lidocaine infused into the wound. The goal of this procedure is to drain as much of the contents as possible to relieve her discomfort, then start an antibiotic that will reduce inflammation and dry up the pocket. Normally I would just pierce that pocket and drain it, but it appeared to be a cyst on presentation so we did an excision. This was a very inflamed cyst that had popped inside over the sternum on the chest causing great discomfort, pain, and loss of sleep. Instead of coming to the surface and draining, it popped underneath going deeper to tender tissues over the sternum. The skin on the surface was not discolored so it did not appear to be an abscess. There was no warmth to touch. However, it was very firm and moderately tender with palpation. Two week follow up at the end with suture removal. Healed very well with no recurrence of cyst to date, and pain/inflammation 100% resolved.
Pus pocket drained. Juicy cyst pop. Abscess drainage. Incision and Drainage. Dermatology procedure. MrPopZit.

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