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The cyst that plays a Steatocystoma on TV. Juicy cyst pop and removal on patient with Steatocystomas

This is the patient whose steatocystoma removals I shared last week (many more to come). At first I thought this was a large steatocystoma, so I tried to make a very small cut to remove the sac. However, I soon realized it was an epidermal inclusion cyst with adherent fibrous walls that I needed to make the opening bigger in order to remove it entirely. We were successful in removing the entire cyst and closing it with a running stitch. You can see he has had several steatocystomas removed on his back at other offices in the past. He was happy to have this lump removed that was starting to bother him. I’m glad we were able to help him clear many of his growths. More follow ups to come! Epidermal inclusion cyst. Steatocystoma multiplex. Running stitch. Dermatology Physician Assistant. Dermatology procedure. Messy Cyst pop. MrPopZit.

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