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The double wide, double pop, giant abscess. Multiple pockets and sinus tracts expressed and cleared.

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Thanks so much to my patient for sharing his story. He truly is a nice guy that was a pleasure to meet and talk with. He is a big fan and traveled from hours away to see me. He went in to an urgent care and they painfully poked at his back bump in the last 4-6 weeks which reduced some swelling but the inflammation soon returned even worse with several sinus tracts and leaking pockets of purulence (sounds like a good name for a metal band 😂). I infused lidocaine around the wound and actually got him anesthetized pretty well. This could be because this wound has been inflamed for many weeks and likely the acidity in the wound has retracted some. Nevertheless it allowed us to get in and rough it up a bit. You can see the many small bits of cyst wall coming out with each squeeze and the gelatinous nature of a dissolving inflamed cyst pocket. I did get some chunks on me, but that comes with the job. We will do follow ups if we can, these big abscesses can return sometimes so he’s not out of the woods yet. Thanks for poppin by! #dermatology #dermatologyprocedure #abscess #mrpopzit #mrpopzitfishing #mrpopzitlive
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