TOP 10 Satisfying Pimple Popping Videos

On YouTube and Instagram, pimple “drilling” videos generate billions of views.

Find out Top 10 Satisfying Pimple Popping Videos!

On YouTube and Instagram, pimple “drilling” videos generate billions of views. But why on earth do we get pleasure from seeing a blackhead being extracted in close-up?

Just browse the YouTube channel or the Instagram account of Sandra Lee, alias Dr Pimple Popper, to take the measure of the extent of the phenomenon: on the Internet, people love to watch videos of extractions of cysts, blackheads, abscesses and other acne pimples. With several million subscribers and her own television show, dermatologist Sandra Lee is a hit. His videos have been viewed billions of times.

Between disgust and pleasure

Whether you realize it or not, it’s a fact: close-up pimple “bursts,” popaholics — portmanteau word pop (pimple) and alcoholic — rave about it. And a few deliciously offended “yucks” are mixed with the pleasure of seeing flesh emptied of its unwanted substance.

But the feeling of satisfaction does not stop at the eruption of the pimple, the height of pleasure being to also be able to admire the foreign body just extracted delicately deposited on the glove of its extractor… In the same way as one feels fulfilled by the sight of a cotton swab or a well-stocked handkerchief. The satisfaction of knowing that this disgusting thing is no longer in our body, perhaps?

Grooming and Dopamine

As during a relaxing activity or a drug shoot, when we extract a blackhead, we release dopamine, the “pleasure molecule” activating the reward circuit. After dopamine, comes adrenaline, and many popaholics describe this hormonal surge, when the contents of the button squirt.

Grooming instinct

Behind this strange and banal attraction, several hypotheses have been put forward, depending on the discipline. Sociology, psychology, semiotics, ethnology… All have their interpretations, often multiple: obvious sexual connotation, pathological disorders such as dermatillomania (obsessive-compulsive disorder which consists of crushing the skin or scratching excessively), trypophobia (phobia holes), form of self-mutilation which would be the expression of a malaise, unconscious projections on the identity of the individual, reminiscent of the famous Freudian anal stage, when, as children, we were satisfied to offer our excrement to our parents…

One of the preferred explanations, because no doubt commonly accepted by all, is that this pleasure would be linked to our past as delousers: tracking down parasites on oneself and their congeners was a ritual that fell (and still falls) to women to allow survival. of the species. And that’s exactly what we do during our contemporary anti-tick checks after returning from a walk in the forest.

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  1. Hello, im male 32 and i have a strange addiction…like many of u i like to eat my boogers and for some it might be disturbing but i like to eat the pimple juice of my girlfriend…im addicted to popp her pimples and collect the juice for later or i eat it directly…i know it sound disgusting but its an addiction

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