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Here are the most viewed Dr Pimple Popper videos in 2021 – pop-a-licious! Only the most hardcore Dr Lee fans have already …

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  1. HS is a terrible condition. I feel for the sufferers. I really do. That poor woman. It must be so painful and debilitating. The stepmother ( who married her father 16 wks after her mother died let’s not go there) was NOT very helpful or kind. Her father was a bit unhelpful too. You could see them thinking “ humph, go on a diet and stop complaining..” she was SO brave. I was wincing whilst she was getting injected.

  2. 🏩Amber breaks my heart! Her step mom couldn't even hide her disgust, and the father was really uncaring, and unloving. I felt so bad for her. Why aren't they trying to help her? I'm so glad she found Dr. Lee, and that she found help. Her smile was beautiful at the end! 🥊

  3. If I had one wish, it would be that there were more doctors like Dr. Lee! You can see that she is empathetic with her patients. Many doctors do not care to keep up with the latest and greatest treatments. And many do not want to take on a case that may seem difficult. Thank you Dr. Lee for what you do!

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