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“Trapped” Trapezius Lipoma excision. Large deep lipoma directly over the muscle on back. MrPopZit

This patient came in with a large tender lipoma on right upper back. She actually was a friend of another lipoma surgery I did, and she referred her to me. I want to thank her for the referral and for my patient sharing her procedure. Textbook back lipoma, lots of fibrous connective tissue holding on to the lipoma (trapped), we literally snipped it out and closed the large pocket left behind. Dermatology procedure. Large lipoma excision. Encapsulated lipoma removal. Running suture. MrPopZit

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Blackhead sandwich cyst excision.Start with a blackhead,end with a blackhead, and a cyst in between.

Little popper show stopper cyst. Inflamed cyst in between the eyes that packs quite a pop. I+D