Wart On Debra's Head Wont Stop Growing! | Dr. Pimple Popper

Debra has been suffering from Seborrheic Keratosis for 20 years and she’s worried that if it keeps growing it will soon reach her …

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  1. All thanks to DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME on here youtube channel were i reversed my Chronic Ichthyosis disorder when i used herbal medicine and a natural diet from him.. natural remedies is the best solution for Ichthyosis, its recommended for both Children and adults.. it has no side effects.. #druwenboherbalhome 💯 A couple friends also got help with Skin Hyperpigmentation and their kids with Ichthyosis naturally..

  2. For several years or more I had a Seborrheic Keratosis the size of a pea growing on the top of my wrist. And each time I picked it off it would grow back. I also had the VA freeze it and cauterize it and it always grew back. Then one day after I picked it off for the umpteenth time I dabbed it dry and put vitamin E oil on it, bandage and did that on a daily basis applying the vitamin E oil until it healed and its never growing back.

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