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What is under that enlarged pore!? Large abscess follow up, cyst has reformed and I cut it out.

This was a large Pilar cyst that became inflamed and burst, we performed an incision and drainage a few months before this, link below:

We did have a follow up and you can see it just wasn’t healing all the way, then a few months later this is what he presented with. This large open pore had a small cyst forming again attached to scar tissue. It’s common for a busy surgeon to just say it looks clear and close it up, then the cyst regrows. You can see how I cut more skin and up under the flap you could see cyst wall remnants imbedded in the scar tissue, if that was not removed the cyst would have likely reformed. Inspecting the wound is very important post abscess formation because small cyst remnants can reform and wreak havoc. Luckily we got it all and patient is doing great.

Check out the follow up @MrPopZit Live at 9am PST tomorrow morning to see the suture removal, and discuss in the live chat what was going on with this Pilar cyst.

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