Woman With Mysterious Skin Condition Refuses To Believe Diagnosis | Dr. Pimple Popper

Gina has had a mysterious unexplained skin condition since her daughter was born, but no doctor or dermatologist has ever been …

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  1. Stop misdiagnosing this women microbacterium avium or a strep or staff is affecting this women I have similar lesions finally the university gave me drocyclone I'm on my second month improving the numerous biopsies we're a totally a waste on time the labs are not picking it up I will dispute

  2. Multiple multiple professional doctors,who studied for years ALL tell ya the same thing. I’m thinking ya need to listen. Obviously they know more than you. Stop scratching and picking,follow directions on the medications they give you. Sure take off the bandage when you get home,clean the area AND reapply another bandage.

  3. Dermatillomania is such a frustrating condition and I hope she understands that treatment for it WILL HELP and give her so much guidance. not to mention community because other people who struggle with this can provide her with validation.

  4. My Mother had the same thing as she does . I feel sorry for who ever has it . They would tell Mom the same thing . Your are doing it to your self . I would see the hurt in Mom's eyes when they would say that to her . Don't judge people who have it . I feel sorry for the lady because she is done treated like Mom was . God Bless you Both and who ever has it

  5. So many people seeing mental issues as "just something in your head" and not something physical is a very big problem. Your mind is not just floating somewhere out there in the ether. Your head is as physical as anything else in your body.

  6. In such mysterious ailment situation, it would probably be worthwhile seeking a second opinion from an Integrative Care MD or a Naturopath. There are various nutritional deficiencies, intolerances, etc, that manifest in unusual ways. These may not be considered nor investigated by mainstream MDs, rather, one is more likely to be labelled with a psychiatric diagnosis for mysterious physical ailments. I do very much empathise with this frustrated lovely lady. Hope she eventually finds the root cause of (& appropriate treatment for) her obviously distressing & mysterious skin condition.

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