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Yogurt Slinger Cyst.Cyst pops 6 feet to the floor! This video has it all, excision, pop, dissection

This video truly has it all, large cyst pop, giant sac dissection, great running stitch closure with 2 week follow up suture removal, and ME 😉 haha. This was a very large cyst causing significant discomfort. It was under pressure and shot right by my camera 6ft down to the floor, missing my shoe by 3 inches. Patient had this drained a few times by other doctors but no one took the time to remove it for him because he was a cash patient. You can see the significant scar tissue he had formed around the cyst from previous procedures. He was very happy we removed the entire cyst, his discomfort completely resolved instantly. Very interesting sac dissection, you can see the layers of cyst almost like onion layers, or paper mache that peel off very thin sheets. I already posted his back blackheads and Favre rachouchot removals. He’s a very nice man, I’m glad I could help him, and I thank him for sharing all his procedures. Pasty cyst pop. Juicy cyst. Cyst excision. Running stitch. Dermatology procedure. Scar tissue removal. Deep cyst pocket. Big cyst squeeze. MrPopZit.

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