You wash your face? Find out the mistakes we all make!

There are gestures that we do thinking we are doing well to wash our face, but which are useless or even bad for the skin!

There are gestures that we do thinking we are doing well to wash our face, but which are useless or even bad for the skin: how to clean our face well?

Everyone dreams of having a glowing skin For this, our face receives (or not) many care, to avoid wrinkles, dark circles, have a well hydrated skin … However, the majority of us makes mistakes in cleaning the facewhich can damage our skin.

Do not wash your face in the shower, and other mistakes to avoid

Our skinThe skin, and in particular that of the face, is particularly fragile: it is sensitive to heat, cold, pollution and the creams that are applied to it. This is why it is necessary to to take care of it and to make him undergo few aggressions.

Avoid hot water to wash your face

First of all, it is necessary toavoid washing your face in the shower. Indeed, the water of the shower is too hot and the pressure is too strong for the skin of the face. The skin risks losing the lipidic film that naturally protects our skin, which will dry out and crack. It is therefore preferable to to clean the face with the washbasin with lukewarm water.

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We also forget the soap or shower gel that we use for the body: the face requires an adapted soap or a cleansing water.

Do not use too many cleansing products

We take care of clean your face daily with products adapted to the texture of its skin: oily, dry… One does not multiply the care, which will weigh down the skin and create buttons, but one privileges a good cleansing product and we stick to it.

It is necessary to take the time to to clean its skin well in the evening, especially if you wear makeup or live in a very polluted area. It is better to do it in two steps: an oil that removes makeup, impurities and sebum first.

The vegetable oils suitable for the face ? The oils of hazelnut, jojoba, argan or grape seed according to your type of skin. One passes then a micellar water or a floral water to remove the imperfections well. For the planet and for the skin, we prefer washable make-up removal discs, less aggressive for the skin.

Organic Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut oil is pure, virgin and organic, perfect for your homemade cosmetic preparations, or simply alone as a moisturizer and protector.

It is a massage oil appreciated by professionals for its quick penetration and its satin and softening effect on the skin.

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Don’t overdo it on skin scrubs

A natural scrub on the face, it is very good to remove imperfections and brighten the complexion. However, we avoid doing it too often, at the risk of damaging the skin. Thus, we make a scrub or an exfoliating care once a week at most. We prefer natural products, such as coffee grounds or pieces of apricot kernel: we banish microbeads from our bathroom! Then we take care of to wash its face well (with lukewarm water and the washbasin).

Dry your skin badly

Here too, gentleness is the order of the day: skip the rough sponge towel, too abrasive for the facial skinand gently tap with a soft cloth to dry yourself well. A washcloth can be used to dry the whole face without damaging the skin.

Delicate face scrub – Gommette

Gommette gently removes impurities and dead cells from the skin.

Formulated with the sacred oil of the Incas, Inca Inchi, very rich in antioxidants, and Warana powder, a powerful physical and cerebral energizer, Gommette revitalizes the skin and refines the texture of the face.

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