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Your new Fave acne Extractions#4. 20 minutes of just the pop. Ear extractions, this one has it all.

This video has it all, ear extractions, juicy pops, Q-tips, finger squeezes, Miltex fenestrated cup extractor, and 20 minutes of just the pop. This is my acne extractions patient with very severe acne. She is very oily with hundreds of clogged pores. Patient is progressing great. She’s very happy with her results already. Sorry about some of the trembly, shaky footage, I’ve been working on switching my frames per second with some videos in 4K trying to minimize this from happening. It’s a work in progress. Many more videos coming soon stay tuned! MrPopZit

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Scalp blackhead removal. Cluster of plugs. Blackhead extractions on scalp. Clogged pores. MrPopZit.

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